Comfort band for Pavlok 3 / Shock Clock 3

Sale price$ 14.99 Regular price$ 19.99

Introducing the Pavlok Comfort Band – a revolution in wearable technology.

Designed exclusively for the Shock Clock 3 and Pavlok 3, it offers a seamless fit on your thigh or arm, blending effortlessly into your lifestyle.

Crafted after countless hours dedicated to perfecting every detail, the material feels almost invisible, ensuring just the right fit for unparalleled comfort. With the Pavlok Comfort Band, you wake up refreshed, on time, every time.

Please note that Pavlok 3 / Shock Clock 3 device is sold separately. Using comfort band might make the hand detect and the jumping jack features not work as intended.

Proudly designed with love in North America.