The device that helps you

Quit Smoking 

for good.

Pavlok uses electrical stimulation to change smokers' behavior by delivering a mild shock when they reach for a cigarette, gradually reducing their urge to smoke over time.

+10 years of helping people quit bad habits

70% of Smokers quit in 4 weeks with Pavlok

85% of them quit smoking within three months

Quit Smoking Now

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June 2022

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July 2014

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Device Uses Electric Shock To Zap Users Out Of Bad Habits

December 2014

Pavlok wristband gives out electric shocks to stop people eating and wake them up

September 2014

Pavlok needs you to shock more people into breaking bad habits

Press Kit

Pavlok uses behavioral science to break bad habits and form good ones. Our wearable technology helps you change your life for the better. Based in Boston, our team of experts in technology, psychology, and neuroscience is dedicated to your success.

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