The Only Alarm Clock That Shocks You Awake

Shock Clock wakes you up with soft chimes and gentle vibrations.
If that fails, the electric zap is guaranteed to wake you up without disturbing anyone else.

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Top of the mornin’ early riser ;)

Shock Clock’s customized wake-up routines spring you out of bed and into morning mode, ready to seize the day.

Wake Up

Chimes and vibrations

Electric zap

Silent alarm

Get Up

Do jumping jacks 

Scan a QR code

Solve a puzzle

Stay Up

Stimulates morning brain

Knows if you’re still in bed

Initiates morning routines

Wake up on time, the first time – every time!

Shock Clock is no ordinary alarm clock. Not only can it zap you awake, it also tracks your sleep pattern and wakes you up at the perfect time, so you’re on your feet feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Say goodbye to the snooze

Traditional alarm clocks struggle to get you out of bed. Shock Clock 3 is the only all-in-one smart sleep system that zaps you awake so you don’t fall back to sleep.

Customize your own combination of chimes, vibrations, or zaps to wake up

Turn off the alarm only after completing one of the morning routines, forcing you to get up

Advanced motion detection triggers a zap if you go back to bed, making sure you stay up

Wakes you up without disturbing your partner

Shock Clock 3 does its job in stealth mode without disturbing anyone else. Everyone benefits – you wake up feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed while they enjoy their beauty sleep.

Customize Shock Clock with our amazing app

View your sleep activity, control the alarm, and set your preferred wake-up routines. 

Zap strength

Set the alarm and adjust the zap strength (or turn it off completely!)


Set reminders for bedtime and keep a sleep journal

Sleep tracking

Monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you up in your lightest phase

Locking mechanism stops you from removing the device in your sleep

The removable lock strap prevents you from accidentally removing it overnight, ensuring that it stays in place to wake you up in the morning.

Give someone you trust control of the zap while you nap

Perfect for professionals on-call or shift workers on standby, our most popular feature assures you’ll never miss another alarm again in your life.

See what people are saying about Shock Clock

“First product that has ever worked to wake me up on time!”

I received my Shock Clock 2 about a week ago and for the first time in my entire life I am able to wake up and not hit snooze. I am actually waking up and doing the jumping jacks to shut it off before it even shocks me. It was really easy to set up and link to my phone. I have tried every alarm clock on the market including the bed shakers, light effects, a different alarm clock in every corner of the bedroom. Nothing worked. I suffer from insomnia, I sleep walk and turn off normal alarms without waking up. This has been a lifelong struggle for me. I have tried a sleep specialist, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, you name it, I have tried it. This has truly worked for me. I am looking forward to trying it to quit smoking as well.

Darrell Steward

August 18, 2020

“Wake up on time every time.”

Very heavy sleeper here who has tried every kind of alarm clock there is. When I found this little miracle was searching for yet another kind of alarm clock that might wake me up on time consistently. I've owned the product for about 2 weeks now and I have not overslept once. I have actually started waking up to the vibrate feature which is just about unbelievable. If you need to wake up on time and struggle with normal solutions this is it. I will own one of these for years to come because its the only thing that works.I had to contact support once when I first got the Pavlok and they took care of me immediately.Great company, good people, awesome product. If you are reading this just buy the darn thing... it really works.

Robert Fox

August 18, 2020

“Does the trick!”

Works well to wake me up. As a man with narcolpcy who sleeps like a rock I cant wake up to most alarms. This does the trick.

Brooklyn Simmons

April 8, 2020

“Brilliant product”

I have always had an extreme case of "heavy sleeping" no matter how many alarms I set or how loud I never heard them. After being late for work and other events many times I finally found this product as a last resort and I wish I found it years ago. The shock doesnt hurt, just scares you a little at first. I find myself waking up before it even goes off which is amazing. I would recommend Shock Clock to anyone having trouble waking up.

Kristin Watson

 June 16, 2020

No risk, only results with our 180-day money back guarantee!

7-day battery life

Sweat and water resistant up to 3 feet (1 meter)

Cozy silicone wristband

New look, better features, 
same amazing results

Shock Clock 3

Shock Clock 2

Battery life

7+ days

5 days

Can be submerged in water

Wake up with electrical stimulus

Sleep tracking

Scan QR code to turn off alarm

Do jumping jacks to turn off alarm

Play games and solve puzzles to turn off alarm

Strap lock preventing the removal of the device

Upcoming features (games, phone/SMS trigger, and more)

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