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Shock Clock 2 retrains your brain to silently wake up and stay up.



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This is the Snooze Habit Loop. Shock Clock 2 gets you out of it.

60% of your life is spent in a habit loop.
When you're in a habit loop, your brain is in autopilot.

The Habit Loop: An image showing how Pavlok helps change habits.

Each time you hit the snooze button, the loop gets harder to break.

For many, the snooze habit is so strong that they are never able to consciously break the loop.

Shock Clock 2 is the first alarm clock that snaps you out of autopilot and lets you take back control of your sleep and habit loops.

How does Shock Clock 2 give you the power to change your sleeping habits? With a SNAP.

Illustrated human brain image to explain Pavlok SNAP technology.

Your brain after a snap.

Shock Clock 2 uses SNAP (Sensory Neural Automatic Processing) technology to
help you change your habits for good.

SNAP is a safe and adjustable stimulus that causes your brain
to snap out of autopilot and become present and aware. The Snap is
adjustable, safe, and can be used for almost every habit loop.

Shock Clock 2 learns your sleep habits and customizes your wake up for a seamless morning.

Thunder bolt icon with vibration , sound and zap signs.

Thousands of data points + AI

There are three stimuli that are extremely effective in changing habits: vibration, sound, and SNAP. Pavlok combines these stimuli, backed by 70+ years of psychology and science, into a single wristband.

Infinite icon with night and alert sign

Learns your sleep habits

Pavlok is your partner and tool to help you master control of your habit loops. (to help you take control/charge of your habit loops).

Hand wearing pavlok band and mobile with snooze and sunrise sign

Builds personal sleep profile

Pavlok can be triggered by manually pushing the button or by its internal motion and fitness sensors. By pairing it to the smartphone app, you can unlock Pavlok’s capabilities to work with almost any habit.

Silently Gets You Up And Out Of Bed When Nothing Else Will

Most alarms just remind you to wake up.
Over time, you ignore them.

Shock Clock 2 is the only all-in-one sleep system that learns your sleep patterns, wakes you up at the perfect time, and uses proven scientific sensations to make sure you get out of bed, and don't go back to sleep.

Best of all? You can program the Shock Clock 2 to be completely silent. Finally, you can wake up and let others keep sleeping.

Jumping girl to represent pavlok jumping jack

Still can't get up? It makes you do jumping jacks.

With advanced motion tracking and wake up guarantees, Shock Clock 2 is ...

The World's Smartest Alarm Clock

Pavlok application screen on mobile> Sleeping track

Wake Up In Your Lightest Stage of Sleep

Shock Clock 2 can track sleep using advanced motion detection from a 9-axis accelerometer. Your alarm can be set to only wake you up during the lightest stage of your sleep cycle, somewhere between 0-20 minutes before your programmed time.

Pavlok application screen on mobile:Alarm screen

QR Codes, around your house.

You can set alarms to be disabled only by QR codes placed around your house.

Set up routines for yourself to make sure you are at a specific place at a specific time.

Pavlok application screen on mobile:Jumping jack

Wake up with jumping jacks.

If you're an extra heavy sleeper, set your Shock Clock 2 to make you do jumping jacks.  Your alarm will go off until you're up and jumping.  Our advanced motion tracking can tell when you're cheating so we'll make sure you're wide awake.

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The 180-Day Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee - 180 days, 100%

Return your device any time for any reason within the first 180 days. Just message our team.

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Changing Sleep Changes Lives

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