The Pavlok Challenge - Volts Edition

Sale price$ 29.99

How does the challenge work?
You'll be invited to a special Facebook group, with other Pavlok challenge-takers. You'll be instructed on setting up your resolutions, and then guided with Pavlok coaches and accountability partners to succeed.

How long does the challenge last?
The challenge begins as soon as you sign-up, as that's when you set up your goals and prime yourself for success. You then have a full month to make your goal a reality.

What happens after the challenge?
Everybody makes a retrospective of their progress. The winning team gets prizes. You get to decide whether you want to take on the next challenge or opt-out.

When will I be charged for my membership?
You will be charged the initial $29 when you make the purchase, followed by $29 every month.

NO DEVICE INCLUDED! If you want a device as well go to and order from there.