Pavlok 3 Pro Obsidian Black

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The Pavlok 3 is a wearable device & app combo that lets you win back your focus and become more mindful of your habits.

Other wearables merely track your behavior - Pavlok 3 is here to change them for good. Through chimes, vibrations, and electric zaps, it provides you with the right sensations at the right time, using a scientifically proven aversion system to help you control negative thoughts and stop bad habits.

It can be worn on its own or as an add-on to Apple Watch and most Android smartwatches & analog watches. It is water resistant up to 1 metre (3 feet), has a battery life of 7+ days, and comes with suite of apps to change your life for better.

Pavlok 3 Pro includes:

  • Pavlok 3 device in your choice of wristband material and color
  • Lifetime access to Pavlok's core suite of apps:

    • Pavlok for Waking Up - Waking up has never been so shockingly easy. Choose the time you want to be up, choose between three stimulus to wake up (chime / vibration / zap) and you are good to go! No more snoozing.

    • Pavlok for Mindfulness - Receive simple and actionable prompts through out your day to keep you present and grounded.

    • Pavlok for Good Habits - Become healthier by setting goals and earning rewards for hitting habit goals. Keep your streak and become a better, healthier you.

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