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Unhealthy Food and Sugar Addiction


It only takes 10 days for your body to clear itself of all sugar … So why is it so hard to quit?

Every day, we learn something new about sugar. Its prevalence and chemistry cause millions of people to struggle with life-threatening diseases brought on from overconsumption. It is a silent killer, with the majority of consumers eating it more than they realize, and increasing their intake every year.

Rather than updating us on the health effects of sugar, the food industry takes advantage of its ability to cause addiction.  Added sugar is an ingredient in over 74% of processed food, disguised under many names that most will not recognize.  It is the ingredient that makes the binge-restrict cycle of junk food so common.

What makes sugar addictive?  Sugar causes the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which activates the reward center of the brain. Drugs like methamphetamine and heroin share this mechanism. But the feelings of reward are temporary – and when they’re over, they lead to cravings for more drugs to experience the same feeling. The more sugar ingested, the more intense the withdrawal, leaving you to want sugar more each time you eat it. This is known as tolerance. In the end, many consumers become dependent on sugar without realizing it. Or, they are aware, but are never able to overcome the addiction.

Just like any other drug, sugar can lead to a host of physical and psychological symptoms, some of which you may not even associate with sugar, such as:

Not to mention, sugar increases your risk of obesity, Type-2 Diabetes, heart disease, and certain forms of cancer.

Sugar is an addiction. Many people are unable to end similar addictions without the support of clinical interventions, such as a rehabilitation center. How can you beat your sugar addiction at home, without spending thousands of dollars?

With Pavlok, you can take control of your sugar cravings – along with all of your other eating habits.

How does Pavlok help you cut down on sugar faster than any diet can? Any other program asks you to use willpower to stick to your goals. However, they ignore the fact that willpower is, psychologically, a limited resource. The more decisions you make, the less-inclined you are to continue making good decisions. That’s why supermarkets display candy bars at the cash registers, not right at the front door.

Rather than depending on willpower, Pavlok creates an aversion to your habit. By training your brain to dislike the habit, you no longer need willpower to deal with cravings – you won’t have any cravings at all.

Pavlok uses associations, or the connections your brain makes between behaviors and effects, to end bad habits. By addressing the driving factors at their core, Pavlok can take away your desire to maintain your addiction, and save you from needing to deal with cravings as they come.

Skeptical? Intrigued? Want to hear more?

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And if you’re ready to change your behavior, you can read our Quit Sugar E-Book for free when you buy a Pavlok, or you can download the Pavlok app and get started today!