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How to permanently break your bad habits in 5 days or less -- no matter how many times you've tried and failed before

Do you have a bad habit you’d like to stop that makes you feel terrible about yourself… especially right after you do it?

Would you like to free yourself from the guilt and shame it makes you feel?

Do you wonder why you’re constantly drawn back to “it” (over and over) regardless of the embarrassment, anxiety, and torment it’s causing you?

Have you repeatedly tried to stop but you’re tired of feeling like you can’t?

Does not being able to stop make you feel like you’re weak and undisciplined? Or even worse, does it make you feel like a failure?

Believe me, I’ve been there.

 My name is Maneesh Sethi and I’m the founder of Pavlok. I’ve been face-to-face with all of those feelings of despair and suffering… when your confidence is at an all-time low.

But what if there was a way to skip the long emotional process it takes to quit a bad habit… and be able to break it easily in a few short days.

Just last year, my life seemed to be going smoothly and I was in a really great relationship (or so I thought).

For almost three years my girlfriend and I were inseparable…

We spent all of our time together. We shared friends. We were talking about moving in with each other. And I was in the midst of shopping for an engagement ring.

Then one day (November 10, 2014) she said the infamous line… “Maneesh, we have to talk.”

For the rest of the day, my heart was pounding through my chest.

When I finally saw her later that night, she told me she had met someone “by accident” and that it made her realize she wasn’t in love with me… and it was over just like that.

My life had changed in a split second.

In the months that followed, nothing I did was helping me – exercise, getting drunk, seeing other women – get over my ex.

I couldn’t get her out of my mind and I didn’t know what to do with myself (we literally spent all of our time together). I was starting to go crazy and I was officially at “rock bottom”.

And it was right around this point in time, I made the discovery that would change my life… it would also help me get over my ex… immediately.

The next day I tried it out and every time I thought of her or wanted to call her I would use this to make me stop

By the third day, I would get physically sick at even the thought of my ex.

And by the fifth day, she didn’t even enter my mind.

Let me explain.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…

“Old Habits Die Hard”

And if you’ve ever tried more then once to quit ‘something’ or change a specific behavior of yours but it keeps creeping its ugly head back into your life (especially during times of stress), then you know exactly what this statement means.

Smoking. Nail biting. Unhealthy eating. Negative thoughts. Video games. Alcohol. Swearing. Procrastinating. Phone addiction. Surfing the Internet… The list goes on and on. 

The fact is it doesn’t matter what your particular bad habits are. Because it all boils down to the same thing…

A habit is a learned pattern of behavior that is repeated so frequently it becomes automatic… and especially hard to give up. 

Odds are you’ve tried every trick in the book to delete this negative routine from your life but none of them have worked so far. If you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even a bit angry because of this…

Don’t Worry It’s Not Your Fault

It’s how the human brain is hardwired. 

All of your habits — good and bad — are controlled in the part of your brain that DOES NOT deal with reasoning or logic… So telling yourself you’re going to “just stop” today, probably won’t work for you…

…Scientists refer to this area as your “reptile” brain and its only focus… the only language it understands… is the desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain (That’s it!)

And this part of your brain is STRONG… trying to break your habit with willpower alone, is a battle you’ll lose almost every time.

What happens is, your brain and your habits work together to form a vicious never-ending cycle called…

“The Habit Loop”


A phrase coined by the world famous author of “The Power of Habit” Charles Duhigg…

Every habit you have — good, bad or insignificant — begins with this simple 3-step psychological pattern. The problem is your negative habits are turned into giant uncontrollable monsters because of it…

Here’s how the process works…

  • The first step is the trigger – it could be a particular time, place or a certain person – that signals your brain to kick the routine off…
  • The second step is your specific habit or behavior…
  • And the third step is the reward you get from your habit… something that tells your brain… you like this and you want more of it in the future.

The scary part is this ‘loop’ puts you in a zombie-like state and you’re not even aware this process is taking place… It becomes so ingrained and intertwined in your mind that your habit just starts happening “like clockwork”.

So… how do you stop being a slave to your habit… and quit it for good?


The world’s first scientifically proven *one-button wristband* that stops your brain from desiring and craving any unwanted bad habits… and it does it in less then 1 week (many times within just a few hours.)

No more feeling and looking bad because of this toxic habit you’ve had to deal with for so long.

Pavlok allows you to speak your reptile brain’s language by adding an unpleasant element (a safe and harmless ‘zap’ of electricity on your wrist) to what you have been taught to love (your nasty lingering habit)…

… Quickly conditioning your mind to associate an “unpleasant” feeling with your bad habit… and stopping it all together.

See a Boston Reporter takes it for a spin

How It Works

It’s really simple.

Pavlok is worn around your wrist and it uses a small electric zap (just like walking across a rug and touching a doorknob) by simply pushing the button on your wristband… or byremote control on the Pavlok smartphone app… when ever you find yourself craving or actually doing the behavior you want to get rid of.

For some, it takes days. For some, a few hours --- but for most, the bad habit you’ve had for years, will be permanently out of your life for good.

Some habits are “self jolt” (smoking, nail biting, going to the gym… just to name a few) where you will manually press the button on your wristband…

And other habits can be set with our app (waking up on time or staying off time-wasting websites).

The Hardware 

Pavlok has two parts… the wristband and the module. 

The wristband is “one size fits all”, and made from a sleek conductive silicone that’s lightweight and extremely durable…

You can also choose from all sorts of different colors… (The standard wristband comes in black).

The module fits inside the wristband and holds the rechargeable battery, electronic components and Bluetooth.

Pavlok’s battery has the capacity for over 150+ tiny jolts and it recharges quickly (it comes with a micro USB).

While the Bluetooth chip is low energy and connects Pavlok to your smart phone.

The Software

The full app (which can be downloaded on any smartphone) starts with a 5-day audio habit change course that will literally walk you through every step to getting started with your Pavlok and breaking your habit.

It also provides you with courses helping to break “specific” bad habits…

  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy eating
  • Nail biting
  • And more

You’ll have full use of a remote control inside the app, to conveniently control your Pavlok from your phone… and… to set automated shock options for various habits.

One of those “automated shock options” is the Pavlok Alarm Clock, that vibrates to wake you up… but if you sleep through it (or if you hit snooze), it will give you a little zap to get you out of bed.

We are continually upgrading and improving the app on an everyday basis… So there will be added features and benefits constantly for you to take advantage of.

It’s Completely Safe And Tested

Pavlok is 100% controlled by you… and each “little shock” is easy to administer, it’s timed, and has a pre-selected intensity that you can adjust with the app on your phone.

In no time flat – a few hours to just a couple of days – you will literally forget you even had this habit to begin with…

Really. Check This Out.

David Patrick Green Quit Watching Too Much TV  

Jason Quit Eating Donuts

David Stopped Grinding His Teeth 

Nagina Quit Biting Her Nails


Here’s What You’re Going To Get:


  • Pavlok Wristband (one-size-fits-all)
  • Pavlok Module
  • Pavlok “Break Bad Habits” App
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Instruction Manual
  • Evidence Guide 




Try it with no risk --- decide later

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This is, quite frankly, one of the most important investments you’ll make to the quality of your life and we want to make the decision easy for you.

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