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Wasting Time Online


With Pavlok you can stop wasting time online and become more productive!

These days, you can do just about everything online.  While most are aimed at making us more productive, many cause us to just waste time.

It's hard to cut the cord and unplug from the "world" that lives on the internet through our computers.  As a culture, we are fearful of missing out if we unplug.  What if we miss something that's posted online??  Most fail to realize, but we have become addicted to certain websites and activities online.

In a recent article from TIME, survey data showed that people spend almost an entire day per week online, which has doubled in the last 10 years.  As more people have smart phones, almost everyone is able to access social media and anything online at their finger tips.  But what are we missing out on from being online so much and so often?

Many will say we are missing out on real life going on right in front of us.  If you had 24 more hours per week, what would you do with it?  That is time that could be spent with friends and family, exercising, working and earning more money, getting more sleep, and so much more!

Use Pavlok to quit the addiction to time wasting websites!

Pavlok extension for Chrome syncs your Pavlok module to your browser.  

Download the Google Chrome extension from the Play store here

You can define a blacklist of sites you're trying to limit time visiting and revoke them when you don't need the stimuli anymore.

You can also set a limit for how many tabs you'll have enabled at a given time. It will let you know when you're approaching the limit and when you have crossed it!


Ready to give it a try and become more productive?  Click below to purchase a Pavlok.  We are so confident you will stop wasting time online that we offer a 6 month money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with your results!