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Reaching Fitness Goals

With Pavlok, you can reach your fitness goals!

Train your brain to get your training on track!  By now I'm sure you know Pavlok can help you break habits, but did you actually know if can help you create good habits?

Many aspire to reach fitness goals but struggle to keep the good habit.  Building a habit can be as difficult as breaking a habit.  At the new year, many resolve to exercise more and become more healthy, but most fail and tend to make the same resolution year after year, continually failing.  But why?

The latest fitness gadgets and gyms with the most attracting features convince people that they will help the individual be successful.  And they might for awhile...but not long.  None of this actually holds people accountable.  They get bored of the product or features, and stop coming.  But when people are held accountable, such as by having a friend to go with or a trainer that calls to make them show up, people are 3 times more likely to stick with the habit.  Great!  A solution to stick to your fitness goals.  If you have a friend that will stick to them...

But what if you don't have a friend that will stick to the gym routine?  Or can't constantly pay a trainer to keep you on your toes?  How will you be kept accountable?

With Pavlok, you can keep yourself accountable to your fitness goals!

By connecting your Pavlok to IFTTT (IF This, Then That), you can make recipes to meet all your fitness goals.  Do you own a fitness tracker?  You can also connect fitness trackers, such as a Fitbit or Jawbone, so different goals not achieved/that are achieved can interact with your Pavlok as well!  No tracker?  No problem!  You can have your Pavlok beep, vibrate, or zap you to remind you to do activities to meet your goals.

To connect your Pavlok to IFTTT and get started, click here.

Once you're connected, you can start creating "recipes" to use with your Pavlok.  Some are already created and ready for you to use!

So what kind of goals are you ready to set?

Add a stimulus to remind yourself to get up and walk or stretch every hour, or go to the gym at a certain time by connecting to the date & time channel.  Create the recipe however you'd like!


Or make a recipe that combines the goals on your Fitbit with your Pavlok.  For example, if you don't reach your active minutes goal by a certain time, have your Pavlok beep to remind you to be active before the day is over.


Ready to stick to your fitness goals?  Purchase your Pavlok by clicking below!  We guarantee you will create new fitness habits or we have a 6 month money back guarantee!