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What can Pavlok do for you


By joining the Pavlok challenge you don't just get the device - you also get support from Pavlok coaches and a group of Pavlok users to keep you accountable

The only Challenge that pays YOU

We get it, staying motivated is hard...

That is why we are organizing this Challenge...

And giving $100 to each members of the winning team!

Ready? Set. Go!


Commit to your goal(s) and get access to a Facebook group where you'll meet team members who are taking this challenge with you


Receive your Pavlok 3 and take part in activities with your team and a Pavlok coach who will award points based on your progress


Compete against other teams to win prizes: Every member of the best team gets $100, and everybody who achieved 2/3 or more of their goal gets 50% off towards the next Challenge!

$49 gets you both the device and access to the Challenge

After the Challenge, you have three options:

A) Send the device back (we cover the shipping costs!)

B) Keep enrolled in future Challenges for $29 per month

C) Opt out of future Challenges and keep just the device for $99


Pavlok 3 is better than ever. Are you?

Pavlok 3 is our best device yet,
engineered from the ground up to improve on almost every aspect

It can help you do the same

Set your goals, stay accountable, and win.

Stop holding yourself back. Pavlok 3 won't let you cheat.

Feel the wins. By joining the challenge, you'll be part of a team. When you win, they will too -- and vice versa.


Membership benefits


Pay less to get started

It's only $49 to try


Connect with like-minded people

Get guidance, advice, and support


Early access

Be among the very first people to enjoy Pavlok 3



If anything goes wrong with the device, simply ship it and we'll send you a new one



When the Challenge is over, you decide if you want to keep doing the Challenges, keep just the device, or opt-out completely


Which device will I receive?
You'll receive a Pavlok 3 device with a silicone wristband.

How does the challenge work?
You'll be invited to a special Facebook group, with other Pavlok challenge-takers. You'll be instructed on setting up your resolutions, and then guided with Pavlok coaches and accountability partners to succeed.

When does the Challenge start and how long does it last?
The challenge begins as soon as you sign-up, as that's when you set up your goals and prime yourself for success. You then have a full month to make your goal a reality.

What happens after the challenge?
You get to decide between three options:
A) Send back your device to end the challenge. If you live in USA, the UK, or Canada, we'll even pay for the postage!
B) Keep the device and stay enrolled in Pavlok's membership, where you get special access to Pavlok coaching, a lifetime warranty, and an upgrade to a new Pavlok device every 12 months. You also get access to all of Pavlok's apps and benefits. The price is $29/mo, and you have the ability to cancel anytime.
C) Keep just the device by making a one-time additional payment of $99.

When will I be charged?
You will be charged the initial $49 when you make the purchase. You will be charged for your first month of membership 6 weeks after the date of your purchase.

Join the Pavlok Challenge and make 2021 your best year yet!