Case Study: Rachman Uses Pavlok Alarm to Wake Up on Time

Case Study: Rachman Uses Pavlok Alarm to Wake Up on Time


"Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." - Benjamin Franklin

Rachman used the Pavlok alarm to condition himself to wake up early and get his day started.

With everything available at our fingertips 24/7, it is increasingly becoming harder and harder to put the electronics down and put ourselves to bed at night.  Studies have shown that electronic devices that emit a blue blacklight actually disrupt the part of the brain that releases melatonin, a sleep regulating hormone.  But it can be hard to pull away from blue blacklight close enough to bed time or get enough sleep.  And though hitting snooze always seems like a great idea when waking up tired, most tend to be even more tired after finally waking up.

Meet Rachman, who broke his snooze addiction using Pavlok. 

Rachman will be the first to admit he's not a morning person.  Waking up early is nearly impossible because he stays up late most evenings.  Usually, when he tried to wake up early, he hits the snooze button and goes back to sleep.  But on the rare occasion when he would get up early, he'd get more done than ever.  

The things Rachman has tried are hilarious, and his ability to sleep in the most random places are a real testimony to his commitment to want to sleep in later!  He's tried to make himself just roll out of bed, literally on to the floor instead of hitting snooze.  But that backfired.  He will actually continue to sleep on the floor for two more hours!  Waking up grumpy and in pain, he was worse off than if he would have just gotten up to begin with.

With rolling onto the floor being a failure in quitting the snooze button problem, Rachman also tried just getting up and walking to the bathroom instead of hitting snooze.  But he actually would sit on the toilet and fall asleep again.  For two hours!  His roommates would be mad that he'd spent all that time in the bathroom, and he would wake up grumpy once again.

The Pavlok alarm worked wonders for Rachman. If he hits the snooze on his alarm, he gets zapped. The zap gives him a negative association with hitting the snooze button, causing him to not want to hit it.  Once he's awake, and up, he's good and can easily proceed with his day.

See Rachman's whole story:

Why did that Pavlok work so much better than rolling onto the floor, or getting up and sitting on the toilet?  Other methods provided no immediate negative reason why Rachman shouldn't hit snooze and let his later alarms wake him up.  Later he would be grumpy, uncomfortable, and have less of a day to accomplish things, but in his immediate mind upon waking up, it was totally worth it.  With Pavlok, he quickly trained his mind to associate hitting the snooze button with the negative zap.  His brain naturally wants to wake up instead of hitting snooze and getting zapped.

Are you ready to stop hitting the snooze button and wake up every day ready to hit the ground running?  Get your Pavlok today and add more time to your day!  We guarantee a Pavlok will help break your snoozing habit or we offer a 6 month money back guarantee!

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