Case Study: Tatyana Quit Sugar and Snacking

Case Study: Tatyana Quit Sugar and Snacking


“Sugar is the new tobacco.” - Cynthia Kenyon

Tatyana’s cravings for sugar were just as addictive as a smoker’s for tobacco.

There’s a new drug on the market and it’s readily available on almost every corner and at every store.  It’s highly addictive, and even better, it’s legal.  We have holidays that embrace it, and readily give it to our children.  What is this crazy drug you ask?  Sugar.  

Everyone knows sugar is not great for your health.  But most poke fun at their “sweet tooth” without realizing it is an actual addiction.  In a recent study conducted at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, showed that “increased sugar consumption has been shown to repeatedly elevate dopamine levels...similar to many drugs of abuse.”  This provides a little more insight as to why it is so hard to kick those sugar cravings cold turkey.

As a kid, parents like to threaten that eating too much sugar can rot your teeth.  Though it can, it also has been linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other devastating diseases. It is found in more food than not in every food store, and sugary foods are often less costly than all natural alternatives.  Being a main ingredient in foods that have been consumed since childhood, it can be a very hard habit for many to kick.  The brain craves food with sugar.

Meet Tatyana, who found a new way to kick her sugar addiction to the curb.

Tatyana was introduced to Pavlok via a friend’s facebook post and it piqued her interest.  She did some research, watched the success stories, and fell in love with the concept.  

The Pavlok system of breaking bad habits quickly and permanently appealed to Tatyana because of the psychological conditioning it uses, which was different from other programs she’d seen and used.  Every time there is a craving or temptation, the user can manually give themselves an electrical shock.  The brain quickly learns to no longer desire the habit as it once did.

Of all the habits that she hoped the Pavlok would help her break, the first habit she decided to kick was her addiction to sugar.  Being a dental student and having a rather stressful life, Tatyana became a stress eater, and sugary food was her go to when she would binge.  It had been bad since as long as she could remember.  Her go tos would be a pan or brownies or a jar of Nutella all at once when coming home after a stressful day.  She had tried the Whole 30 Challenge previously, and though she avoided most sugar during the initial 30 days, was back to her sugar binging habits quickly once the challenge ended.

It took very little time for Tatyana to start seeing results that stuck with Pavlok.  

It took Tatyana about 3-5 days to see results.  Every time she has a craving, thinks about sweets, or sees them on the table, Tatyana will shock herself with her Pavlok.  The shocks are bearable, but unpleasant, and thus it made her not want to even think about sweets in order to avoid another shock.

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So why did the Pavlok work better than something like the Whole 30 Challenge? Programs such as this use 30 days of clean eating as a way of breaking habits and building a healthier lifestyle.  But immediately once the program is over, many divert back to their old eating habits because the challenge is complete and they “can.”  Pavlok instead creates an aversion to the habit and trains your brain to dislike the habit itself.  Tatyana’s brain naturally started to dislike the sugary foods, and thus helped her cravings to subside and her to stop eating sweets.

Less of a heavy, sugar coma feeling overall, and more endurance during workout gave Tatyana reassurance that kicking her sugar addiction was the right thing to do.  She has been able to lose weight around her midsection and cut down her body fat. Overall, the sugar addiction is in control and she feels both happier and healthier.

Are you ready to kick sugar to the curb?  Buy a Pavlok and in as little as 5 days, you could see your sugar cravings and consumption drastically reduced and be on your way to a healthier you!  We are so sure that Pavlok will help break your bad habits that we offer a 6 month money back guarantee if it does not work for you.


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