Day 3 - Start Controlling Your Habit - Freedom From Bad Habits

Welcome to Day 3, and the halfway point of your Freedom From Bad Habits e-course!

How are you feeling?

By now you should be using your Habit Tracking Worksheet to record everytime you crave, or do the habit.

If not, download it here.

You may have noticed patterns in what may trigger you to do your bad habit.

Today we’re going to set the stage to help you control your bad habit.

With some of the possible triggers in mind, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download the Triggers, Actions, and Rewards Worksheet

Step 2: Fill it out. Once you've done this you'll have the resources you need to gain control over your bad habit. 

Step 3: Continue to track your habits using the Habit Tracking Worksheet from Day 1

Tomorrow is where you're going to see the aversion therapy work in action.

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