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With Pavlok, you can finally kick your habit of biting your nails!

Whether you consciously or unconsciously perform the behavior, Pavlok can help you diminish the behavior quickly and efficiently.

The medical term for nail biting is Onychophagia.  The term applies to not only nail biting, but also biting the skin around the nails, and picking at or around the nail.

One of the largest reasons people bite their nails is due to anxiety, but another is sheer boredom.  Onychophagia is a type of body-focused repetitive behavior that satisfies some kind of urge and offers a form of reward when performed.  Other body-focused repetative behaviors include: include thumb sucking, nose picking, hair twisting or pulling, tooth grinding, and picking at skin.

But why do some bite their nails and others find it repulsive?  There are many theories, but it seems to be a combination of environmental factors and primal instinct.  Either way, it is a compulsion that the owner wears on their sleeve.  Everyone can see chronically bitten nails and it is commonly associated with bad personal hygiene.

One of the most common treatments to deter nail biting habits is a clear coat of a bitter tasting nail polish.  Where this can fail to be effective is when the polish is bitten off, the individual can continue to bite without consequence.  Other treatments aimed at the behavioral aspect show some promise, but there is no consistent way proven to break the habit found in research. 

But Pavlok has proven to break the nail biting cycle!

What makes Pavlok work better than other programs aimed at making an individual give up nail biting for good?  Pavlok teaches the brain to dislike the habit itself.  The body develops a dislike for biting nails and will no longer have those cravings, whether the habit was a conscious or unconscious behavior.

To use Pavlok to quit nail biting, purposely bite the nails for several days when you first begin.  Shock yourself via tapping the wristband or using the remote in the app while performing the behavior.  Outside of the allotted time for purposely biting and shocking, every time that you catch yourself biting or picking at your nails, shock yourself using the wristband or in app remote.  Many may not catch themselves doing it every time because it is an unconscious behavior, but that's ok.  The more often you are zapped, even if it's not every time, the more the brain will associate the zap with the negative behavior.  Eventually, this helps stop even nail biting that is done without noticing the behavior is happening.

Skeptical that Pavlok would work for you?

Check out how Heather Beat Her 25 Year Nail Biting Habit!

We also offer a 6 month money back guarantee, so if for some reason Pavlok does not help you kick your nail biting habit, we will refund your purchase no questions asked!  Click below to finally have power over your bad habit!