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IOS - We have submitted an update of the Break Bad Habits app and the Unlocked app. Here is a summary of the updates:

  • Break Bad Habits app:
  • Double tap toggle - if you have your firmware updated, you may have noticed the double tap feature on your Pavlok. In the Settings you can toggle this feature on or off.

  • IFTTT compatible - this app will work with our official IFTTT channel once it is released with exciting new recipes

  • Chrome extension compatible - this app works with our official chrome extension, Pavlok Productivity. You can search Pavlok in the Chrome store or click here!

  • Alarm app:
  • Redesign

  • Repeating alarm -- you can now set an alarm that repeats on certain days of the week. Simply tap the days of the week that you wish the alarm to trigger on. (If you need to set different alarms for each day, then right now you will need to continue to set an alarm each day.) If you don’t select any days, you will be setting a one time alarm!


  • Break Bad Habits app:
      • Track your habits from the chrome on the break bad habits app
      • One button to save zap count and strength
      • Auto zapper
      • Easy and simple on-boarding
      • Sequencing haptic feedbacks
      • An easy way to have accountability partners

  • Alarm app:
      • Multi-Alarms
      • Easy and simple on-boarding
      • UI/UX fixes to make sure you're setting the Alarm correctly
      • Harder ways to turn off your alarm
      • Snooze off feature
      • More zaps?

    Android - We have submitted updates to the Play Store! Here is a summary of the updates:

  • Break Bad Habits app:
      • Widget! There is a widget available so that you can remotely use the Pavlok from your phone’s home screen
      • Removed some annoying notifications
      • Added Multiple-Zap capability! As soon as we release the new firmware you will be able to do multiple remote zaps or set your Pavlok to zap multiple times on button press
      • Help buttons! Links to our FAQs and help articles
      • Chrome extension compatible! Use the latest chrome extension at this link. Log in with the same info in the app and through the chrome extension
      • Pairing is improved on most phones
      • OTA bug

  • Alarm app:
      • Multiple zaps for alarm! You can now increase the number of zaps per zap stimulus (up to 5)
      • Removed some annoying notifications
      • Help buttons! Links to our FAQs and help articles

  • Unlocked app (new):
      • Allows users to share control of their Pavlok with friends or 3rd party applications
      • Chrome extension compatible! You can find this older version of the extension at this link.

    COMING SOON for Android:

    • Multiple-app connectivity: we understand the hassle of only being able to connect to one app at a time. We will very soon be releasing the ability to be paired to multiple apps.

    • Multiple-device compatibility: there are a ton of Android devices out there and the connection to our apps works better on some than others. We are working on rebuilding our Bluetooth code to work consistently on all Android devices.

  • Break Bad Habits app:
      • Redesign: we are changing the design of the app for better navigation, less redundancies, and an easier way to break habits
      • IFTTT compatibility: we have IFTTT for a beta app but we are soon adding it to the official Play Store version.

  • Alarm app:
      • Redesign: we are changing the design of the app to be more intuitive
      • Alarm repeat: we are adding the capability to set an alarm that repeats on days you wish them to repeat

    Chrome Extension:

    We have made the newest version of the chrome extension public at this link.

    In order to see all the features, go to the extension’s Options. The features of this extension are:

    • Tab Number Control: set up a max number of tabs that you want open. You will get a vibration when being a tab away from your Max, a beep when you reach the max, and a zap any time you open a new tab after that.
    • Black List sites:  add those websites that you want to avoid. If you visit them, you will be zapped every 15 seconds
    • Schedule: create a schedule for when you want the extension to work and when not to work
    • AutoZapper: Set up multiple zaps at desired intervals
    • RescueTime compatible: Integrate with RescueTime. If you don’t know what RescueTime is and want to learn visit their website:


    • Advanced To-do lists
    • Re-designed interface
    • New UI/UX

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