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Pavlok + Quit Smoking

Pavlok + Quit Smoking
Pavlok + Quit Smoking Pavlok + Quit Smoking Pavlok + Quit Smoking Pavlok + Quit Smoking Pavlok + Quit Smoking Pavlok + Quit Smoking Pavlok + Quit Smoking

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The Scientific Way To Quit Smoking

Do you know you need to stop smoking but no matter how hard you try, you just can't?  Smoking can be incredibly tough to quit. Cold turkey only seems to work for the ultra-dedicated and the patch or gum is expensive and a pain to deal with. That's why we utilize a natural and effective technique called aversion therapy.

Smokers receive a mild zap when they smoke to help train them to change the association they have with smoking. One study shows that more than half of participants were able to quit in as little as five days -- and were still smoke-free one year later. Now you can benefit from the same aversion technique without the need for costly therapy sessions.

  • Quit Smoking in as Little as Five Days! Every Time You Crave A Cigarette, Push The Zap Button!
  • Pavlok Wristband is an Aversion Therapy Device That Uses a Zap to Help You Change Your Brains Association With Smoking
  • Hand Detect Feature Makes You Aware When You Try To Light a Cigarette
  • Control The Intensity of the Zap and Track Your Smoking Habit Progress With Our App
  • Stop Spending Money on Cigarettes and Breath Easy With This Natural and Effective Way to Quit Smoking For Good

Your health, wallet, and relationships all suffer from smoking. Wouldn't it be nice to breathe easy, spend no money on cigarettes, and stop worrying that your smoking addiction could kill you?

Buy a Pavlok wristband now and quit your smoking habit once and for all.

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