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 Pavlok is the wearable device that releases a mild electric stimulus to help you reduce cravings, break bad habits, and change your life. Pavlok is your natural and lasting solution to quitting smoking, nail biting, hair touching, negative thinking, procrastinating, eating sugar, and more. Pavlok can also help you build good habits, like training your body to wake up on its own, being more productive by keeping you on task, and helping you gain a more positive outlook on life.

When you purchase a Pavlok 2 you get access to our entire suite of habit modules, including all Shock Clock functions.

  • CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR - Pavlok harnesses classical conditioning to associate a mild electric stimulus with your bad habit.
  • DON'T TRACK YOUR LIFE, CHANGE IT! - Join over 40,000 people to wake up early, reduce temptations and create an aversion towards unwanted habits.
  • 5 MINUTES FOR 5 DAYS - Quit smoking, nail-biting, oversleeping, snacking, negative thoughts, and more! Users report that they're able to make significant progress in less than a week.
  • TAKE CONTROL - Download our APP, adjust ZAP intensity, set alarms, track sleep, earn volts, take habit courses, customize with IFTT, and join our growing community.
  • HAND DETECTION - Pavlok Knows when you have your hand near your mouth. It will beep, vibe or zap. This is useful for becoming mindful of many habits.

Download the Pavlok app on your phone. Go into the Pavlok Remote and pair your wristband. Once you are connected, you can control the intensity of your zap. We recommend starting with 30%.

Whenever you engage in your unwanted habit, press the lightning bolt button on your Pavlok wristband and administer a zap to begin building an aversion.

Keep this up, and in a very short time, you can break the habit. Many users report that they can see a significant change in as little as five days!

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