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Get Paid To Do Good Habits With The Pavlok Healthy Habit Sweepstakes

When was the last time you actually got paid to get in shape and build a life-changing habit? 

Keep reading to learn how you can get paid for every single step you walk.

No tricks, no gimmicks...get healthy, get paid with the Pavlok Healthy Habit Sweepstakes.

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What If You Could Get Rewarded For
Becoming A Better Person?

There’s no shortage of ways to get more data on your habits.

If you want to measure your sleep, there are rings, bracelets and watches that can tell you how much REM you’re getting every night.

There are apps to track your food, log your hours at the gym and record your weight at the end of the week.

But when was the last time all of this data actually led to lasting change?

At Pavlok, we’re on a mission. We create technology that doesn’t just measure what you do, but actually helps you change what you do.

See, it’s so easy to set goals. The hard part is actually sticking with them.

The problem is that bad habits are so rewarding in the moment, but you don’t see the benefits of good habits for a long time.

If you want to make lasting change, the reward for good habits has to be greater than the reward for staying the same.

So, we’ve decided to up the ante and do something that’s never been done before.

We’re putting down cold, hard cash. Every single day.

Introducing: The Pavlok Healthy Habit Sweepstakes

The more movement you get, the longer you live. It’s time to get rewarded for taking ownership of your health.

Getting paid is simple: just wear your Pavlok, get moving and make money. People are winning thousands every single day.

No tricks, no gimmicks. Get healthy, get paid. It’s literally free money for doing the right thing.

Welcome to a brand new world, where you get paid to do the habits that will change your life.

Details to enter the Pavlok Healthy Habit Sweepstakes

1. Join the Pavlok community by purchasing a Pavlok subscription.
If you're reading this page, you've already done that. Only subscribers are eligible to join the Healthy Habit Sweepstakes.

2. Begin using the device to track your steps. The more you walk, the more opportunities you'll have to win cash. If you hit 10,000 steps, we'll even double your odds of winning the cash pool.

3. Every day, we'll give out a cash prize to one member of the Pavlok community who is hitting their habit goals and staying active. On the 15th of every month, we will give away $1,000 or more to one lucky Pavlok subscriber in our community.