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A special welcome for Neal's listeners

You saw Neal using a Pavlok in his Netflix special, or heard him talk about it in his podcast, and you’d like to know more?

(or you’d just like to use the massive 40% discount - hey, that’s fine too!)

Harness the power of zap

Pavlok uses the power of aversion therapy to stop negative thoughts in their tracks. Whenever you catch yourself falling into a negative thought pattern, Pavlok snaps you out of it with a light electric shock.

It’s a powerful system that’s scientifically proven to not only stop bad thoughts, but also break bad habits, improve mood, and instill a positive mindset.

Quit smoking

Cut down on drinking

Stop biting nails

Ditch the unhealthy diet

Less procrastinating

Wake up on time

Decrease social media

Get your ass to the gym

It’s called a Pavlok

body & strap

Battery 7+ days


3 Programmable Buttons

Metallic or silicone

Sleep Features


Sleep Tracking

Wakeup Score

Habits Tracking

Positive Habit Tracking

Negative Habit Tracking

Step Tracking

Custom Habits


Electric Zaps




Pavlok Workflows

Apple Shortcuts




Friends Profiles

Community Challenges

Pavlok Unlocked

Choose your personal coach

Follow Neal's lead and start your journey with Pavlok today with a 40% discount. Apply the code NEAL at checkout.


The Deluxe model comes with a magnetic metallic band in Obsidian Black, Rose Gold, or Aegean Silver and it can be yours for $219 $132


The Sports model comes with a silicon band in White or Black and it can be yours for $199 $120

Pavlok 3 Deluxe 

Obsidian Black

Size guide

Pavlok 3 Deluxe 

Aegean Silver

Size guide

Pavlok 3 Deluxe 

Rose Gold

Size guide

Pavlok 3 Sports


Pavlok 3 Sports


Change your habits
Change your life

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