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Pavlok uses psychology and technology to train your brain. 

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Break your bad habits, build positive routines and change your life forever.

Satisfied customer review after using pavlok
Satisfied customer review after using pavlok

Pavlok is the wearable device that releases a mild electric stimulus to help you reduce cravings, break bad habits, and change your life. Pavlok is your natural and lasting solution to quitting smoking, nail biting, hair touching, negative thinking, procrastinating, eating sugar, and more.

Pavlok can also help you build good habits, like training your body to wake up on its own, being more productive by keeping you on task, and helping you gain a more positive outlook on life.


I just hit the Pavlok, which will zap me. First, that will help wake me up for one and second, it creates a negative association with hitting snooze. Instead of hitting the sleep more/ get fired/ waste your life button, I hit the Pavlok.

Rachman b.

I tried a lot of things to form new habits and break old habits. I started using the little alarm system that helps to wake you up. After doing that for 30 days I woke up more consistently than I ever have in my life. Love my Pavlok.

Dave M.

Pavlok gets me up every morning without ever needing to feel the "zap." My brain has literally re-wired itself to wake up on time, before my alarm.I never thought I'd be a morning person. Now, I wake up feeling rested and refreshed. It's really cool!

Daniel D

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Use code PRELABORDAY in checkout